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Pilihlah Local with LamboPlace!

Jom kita Pilih Local with LamboPlace! 9 February 2021 Did you know that our Malaysian brands are as good as the ones known internationally? If you didn’t know, here are some that might surprise you; Bonia, Dutch...

Japanese Steamed Clams

LamboFresh Recipes Series - Japanese Steamed Clams 5 February 2021 Now for today, we have a recipe just to tone down the taste and try something with more “freshness”. That is Japanese Steam Clams!Is the simplest recipe...

Lemon Pepper Chicken

LamboFresh Recipes Series - Lemon Pepper Chicken 3 February 2021 Another day another recipe! Let us try Lemon Pepper Chicken today! All you need is 4 steps to complete this simple dish! Soft and tender, with a zest of...

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