Enduring 'BCAM' this Pinktober

10 October 2020

Pinktober is here, which means seeing pink ribbons being portrayed everywhere, celebrating the strength and survival from the Breast Cancer disease. Pink is the official colour for Breast Cancer Awareness Month aka ‘BCAM’. Did you know that BCAM affects one out of 19 women in Malaysia with more than 60% being between the ages of 40-60? Sadly, the true fact is why we try and make the best out of it, while trying to instil the knowledge and awareness of BCAM around the world.

Here are 5 ways we can go Pink and show our support for BCAM during CMCO this year:


1. Attend a Breast Cancer online event 

What’s a more better way to learn about something than listening and participating an event curated just for it?
Attend a Breast Cancer Awareness event online for free here.

While you’re at it, you may also learn more about BC here.

2. Watch a movie about Breast Cancer

Grab your tablet, iPad, PC or watch a movie on TV about Breast Cancer together with your friends online together! It’s a lot more fun than you think! Make some popcorn or order in some pizzas! 
Here are some suggestions:

The Family Stone
Pieces of April

Terms of Endearment

Miss You Already

Decoding Annie Parker

3. Make a Donation

Giving is greater than receiving, always. For when you give back what you sow, you’ll multiply in many other ways. Support the society by giving what you can to help them improve not only the quality of the women who have Breast Cancer, but also the research and education put into Breast Cancer Awareness.

You may make your donations to Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia or  National Cancer Society Malaysia.

4. Wear all PINK

It’s the perfect time to dress in all Pink without having many people look at you differently! The best part is you can go all out and if you do get some stares, just stare back and say ‘I’m a BCAM supporter!’, of course, you’ll have to be true to what you’re practising! Shop for all Pink products here.

5. Shop Online with RM20 off voucher!

Here’s another therapeutic way to support the Pink Month as you shower your loved ones with special gifts! Who doesn’t love a nice surprise?? Surprise your fellow lady-mate or a lady you love now! Get RM20 off when you shop at LamboPlace with promo code: BCALBP.

Continue your support towards BCAM and let’s rise with one another to appreciate our lady loved ones!

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