The Daily Lives of Women as Mothers

Women as mothers play multiple roles in life, especially when they are also working. It’s not easy to juggle between taking care of your family and working, albeit full-time or part-time. Their minds are constantly thinking of many things even while multi-tasking. How is that possible?… 

For all that they do, sometimes they are still undervalued or under-appreciated, as their tasks and hard-works may be perceived as something minor, easy or simple. Little do we all know, that it’s their nurturing is what makes us who we are. It’s one of the biggest and significant impacts of our lives. 

Last week, in conjunction with honouring and appreciating Women who are Mothers, LamboPlace gave away 22 Special Gift Boxes sponsored generously by various LamboPlace’s Vendors, Shapee, Japlo, Simple Dimple and Kath + Belle.


Here are the links of where you can find the products listed in LamboPlace:
1) Kath + Belle Starter Kit Gift Set
2) Shapee Belly Wrap Plus
3) Shapee Lafee Nursing Bra
4) Shapee Sassy Nursing Bra
5) Shapee Disposable Nursing Pads
6) Japlo Nane Bottle
7) Simple Dimple Vinyl Toy
8) Simple Dimple Springy Mi Xian

LamboPlace would like to take this opportunity to show gratitude to the real WonderWomen of our lives, the Mothers.

Just like how our moms can be our heroes, LamboPlace’s goal is also to be the Online ‘Hero’ of their lives by providing daily necessities, as LamboPlace expands their product ranges to Mother & Child products and more.

Special thanks to the vendors for their generous sponsorships.