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5 Steps to beat the coronavirus

30 January 2020

An outbreak of a pneumonia-like illness that started in the city of Wuhan, has raised alarms in most countries, including Malaysia with 7 confirmed cases.

Here are some facts about Wuhan Coronavirus and ways to protect yourself – with the necessary products available at LamboPlace.

1) Wash your hands regularly and sanitize with a hand sanitizer.
2) Wear a mask if you have the flu and also, to prevent you from touching your face-areas.
3) Avoid direct contacts with people who are not feeling well and animals. Re-visit step 1) if you’ve came in contact with them by accident.
4) Avoid crowded places like malls, airports, restaurants, etc. for time-being.
5) Try not to travel when you’re not feeling well.

Prevent being part of the coronavirus!


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