Practising Better Habits at Home Together

25 March 2020

Make it a well-spent few weeks in 2020 during Movement Control fam! Here, we’ve list some best habits and tips for keeping ourselves proactive, healthy and calm these 14 days at home.


1. Learn a new skill

It’s perhaps time to pick up that guitar you bought a while ago. Dust it, tune it and learn a song or two! Or maybe it’s time to call mom or grandmom for that famous family dish recipe and start cooking! Surprise them with that dish when you meet them next!

Une, Deux, Trois! Have always wanted to visit Paris? But did you know that if you learnt French, it’ll be so much easier on you when you’re there for your holidays? 

But, remember to pick up a new skill once you’re done with work, best times would be during the weekends. Ample of ‘ME-TIME’ with no one or pending tasks to bother you!

2. Read em overdue books

Bought one too many books during Big Bad Wolf book fair? Or you’ve been gifted some books but never really had the time to even sniff the covers of these books? Or you’re halfway reading ‘Robert Kuok’s’ book and have forgotten all about it?


It’s time to revisit your little library and finish up at least one book. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Reading helps you to keep calm and create imaginations to help with your knowledge development. So, the next time someone talks anything about Business, you can now be part of that conversation!


3. Spring cleaning

Keep yourselves clean during this season, but also keep your home clean too!
Clean out your wardrobe or your store room you’ve been piling things up with. Time to ‘Marie Kondo’ your condo! Also, do this when you’ve no pending tasks, because it’s going to take a lot of your time. 


4. Move your body

It’s the perfect time to get some exercise or build that part of your body(ies) that you’ve always wanted to. It’s never a wrong time to do something good for your body. Staying fit helps you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too. 


You gain so much more confidence and happy feelings, called endorphins, a chemical naturally developed, when you work yourself out. Endorphins reduces stress, depression and moodiness. And the best part is, it’s completely free! All you need is to go for a quick jog or dance to a music until you sweat a bit.


5. Bonding with family

If no one has told you this before, we’ll tell you; Family is important. And Time is of essence. Put them together and you get, Spending time with your family is Important and Essential. This will be a good time for you to be in the present with your family members. They are the ones that will be there when you’re facing issues, that is if you make time for them. Create a good bond with each other, keep the relationships fresh and everlasting. The memories will live on and a story you can share later with the new generations and friends.


Here are some tips: Play family games, cook dinner together, watch a show or movie together, video-call each other or as simple as, chatting with each other whether on group chats, private chats, a phone call or face-to-face.


6. Plan for the next escape

When you’ve ample of time, take some to plan for a vacation or a simple get-together party with your friends or loved ones. This will keep you on your feet and excited for what’s next. Be positive that things will get better and spread that positivity with them! Do plan wisely!


7. Don’t stop shopping

Yes, we’ve added one more to the list! Don’t let staying cooped up at home, stop you from getting what you love or desire or need. Be grateful for online shopping options! Stay enriched even when at home. Also, you’re helping local businesses while staying at home!

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With times like this, it’s not going to be easy for everyone, but a little initiative goes a long way. Don’t let times like this bring you down or crush your daily routines. Use times like this to appreciate the little things in life and make full of it.


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