#KitaJagaKita with LamboBazaar

10 August 2020

A nation is stronger when its people are stronger together. Hence, it’s very important that we look after one another, although they say that having a competition is healthy for the business, but what’s more healthier is when we support and watch each other grow. We have to lift each other up at all times, if not us, then whom?

Therefore, in the rise of a global economical hit with the recent pandemic and Malaysia’s #KitaJagaKita campaign, we’ve launched ‘LamboBazaar’ where we feature our fellow Malaysian and Local Businesses in our online shopping platform.

Support Locals with LamboBazaar

And many more options here.

And many more options here.

Click here to support our local businesses and enjoy best prices now!

Click here to support our local businesses and enjoy best prices now!

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