Why don’t we wine down a little?

Whether you’re planning to throw a small SOP-compliant celebration after months of being stuck in a lockdown, have a picnic in your garden, balcony or a nearby park, or merely unwinding and relaxing, wine is the perfect company for almost every occasion! 

If you could express words in the form of a drink, it has to be wine! As quoted by a famous author who wrote Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson, “Wine is bottled poetry”.

This sophisticated yet traditional beverage comes in multiple hues of white, red, gold and pink which provide distinctful and notable flavours that can be fruity, woody, earthy, flowery and more.

Like perfumes and scents, wine also has several tasting notes. Here you have a drink that scores more than two flavours, heck, maybe five or six flavours! Now, that’s really like a party in your mouth, isn’t it? Did you also know that each type of wine goes well with specific food? If you said yes, you’ve definitely lived!

Wine can be enjoyed with almost everything! For cheese-lovers, pair a glass or two with two to three choices of different cheeses, dried or fresh fruits and a variety of nuts, and voila! It’s highly recommended to pair red wine with red meats and white wine with chicken, fish or seafood. These couplings will complement your meal so well that it’ll leave you so satisfied after! You could also have it simply with chocolates, nuts, snacks or on its own.

When it comes to wine, many people categorise it as a ‘rich person’s drink’, which is not exactly true. A recently launched Malaysian online platform named LamboCellar is suggesting otherwise, that quality wine can be enjoyed by anyone.

Wine does not need to be that expensive. LamboCellar exists to educate Malaysians about wine and to provide quality wine from all over the world at affordable and unbeatable prices. Yup, now everyone can drink quality wine too! Hurray!

The online platform also offers a seamless experience with the beverage sorted in various types of selections and categories to help ease the shopping experience. So cool! What’s even cooler is that LamboCellar is Malaysia’s first online platform that offers handpicked and recommended wine by their own Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certified Sommelier.  If this doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will…

Affordable-Quality Wine plus Sommelier-Certified, ✔✔ Check! Now, to set a reason to drink some wine… Oh wait, we don’t really need one, do we? (Insert relaxing-smiley and wine glasses emoticon).

And to excite you (more, if you’re already excited), LamboCellar is giving out exclusive deals with RM15 off with RM180 minimum spend when you use promo code OKTWINEFEST at LamboCellar. Hurry, this offer is ending soon!

Now that everyone can drink wine, remember to drink sensibly and responsibly. Let’s all take time to wine down a little.