Going Digital with LamboPlace – An Interview with our Vendors – Medella

With the newly announced recovery plan, local businesses are hoping for the economy to make a comeback as soon as possible. It has not been easy for many businesses, let alone the whole country with the daily Covid-19 rates not showing immense improvement. The adoption of digitalisation is no longer optional but a necessary enabler.

Understanding the concerns of these local businesses, LamboPlace, a homegrown eCommerce platform under the Bursa-listed Lambo Group Bhd aims to make digitalisation simpler and easier, as part of their mission to empower and champion Malaysian SMEs. 

A sharing session was conducted with some of LamboPlace’s Vendors (Platform Sellers) who shared their experience with the platform and how they overcame the pandemic situation.

  • Hi vendors, please introduce yourselves and what are the services or products your company provides at LamboPlace?

    Medella (M): Hi, I’m Andrea, the Sales and Marketing Executive of Bountiful Ventures Sdn Bhd. We are the brand owners of Medella, the leading manufacturer of coconut-based products. At LamboPlace, we sell our award-winning Medella Coconut Cooking Oil among other things.

  • What are some of the problems and concerns you have faced as a SME or business, when the pandemic first started? How did you overcome them?

    Andrea (M): We were concerned about the disruption of our supply chain as most of our raw materials are imported. We overcame them by strategising and pivoting our supply chain locally to better control the quality and frequency of supplies.

  • How is a platform like LamboPlace aiding SMEs and businesses like yours to tide through times like these?

    Andrea (M): LamboPlace is a great platform to provide us with additional digital exposure now that e-commerce is steadily growing.

  • What are some of LamboPlace’s initiatives that have taken place and how has the impact been like?

    Andrea (M): Recently, LamboPlace hosted a Facebook Like featuring our brands and products which helped us gain exposure on the social media platform.
  • How do you think platforms like LamboPlace can continue to empower and champion SMEs and businesses moving forward?

    Andrea (M): For SMEs, marketing budget is always limited. LamboPlace’s initiatives like the Facebook Like campaigns are a big help to reach out to newer customers who have yet to hear about us.

  • What are your future plans for your business and what advice can you give to fellow Malaysian businesses who are about to go digital?

    Andrea (M): We hope to be able to expand our products to the global market through our digital presence. We encourage other Malaysians to try any online platform that can help get their products out to the public, and LamboPlace is a good platform to start on as they provide much support.

  • What are some of the key areas Malaysian SMEs should look into to greatly improve and progress?

    Andrea (M): Innovation and identifying niche in the market will help to set any new SME apart from the crowd.

  • How will you support your fellow Malaysian SMEs and businesses to grow together? Has there been a collaboration or are there plans towards any?

    Andrea (M): On our e-commerce store, we are in the midst of launching a category called “Brands Made with Medella” where we host and list products of other smaller businesses that uses our products as ingredients in their products. We will assist to fulfil orders through our store as well. This is to help smaller SMEs gain visibility and to start up on online platforms with an audience of our existing customers. #kitajagakita

More about Medella:

Medella had its humble beginning when the founder went in search of a healthy and natural treatment alternative for his diabetic mother, when he struck gold with coconut oil. And they know that all good things are for sharing!

The same earnest desire to make healthier, natural alternatives available to all has grown Medella into the household name that it is today.

Support this Malaysian-made organic goodness and choose a healthy-living life here.