Going Digital with LamboPlace – An Interview with our Vendors – Spread & Stew

Local businesses are hoping for the economy to make a quick comeback as we ride the economy recovery plan phase-by-phase. One practice that has not changed since the pandemic first hit us, is the adoption of digitalisation that is no longer optional but a necessary enabler.

Understanding the concerns of these local businesses, LamboPlace, a homegrown eCommerce platform under the Bursa-listed Lambo Group Bhd aims to make digitalisation simpler and easier, as part of their mission to empower and champion Malaysian SMEs. 

Through initiatives like LamboBazaar, a marketplace for local and micro businesses to sell handmade and crafted products; and LamboFresh, dedicated towards providing Malaysians with fresh produce and groceries from local vendors, LamboPlace ensures that SMEs will be guided from A to Z.

A sharing session was conducted with some of LamboPlace’s Vendors (Platform Sellers) who shared their experience with the platform and how they overcame the pandemic situation.

  • Hi vendors, please introduce yourselves and what are the services or products your company provides at LamboPlace?

    Spread & Stew (SS): Hi, my name is Jessica, I am the founder of Spread & Stew. We specialise in homemade Hainanese spreads. We have a variety of Spreads like the Original Creamy Garlic Spread, Mixed Herbs Garlic Spread, Black Sesame Spread currently listed at LamboPlace and we’re looking into expanding our products range in the near future.

  • What are some of the problems and concerns you have faced as a SME or business, when the pandemic first started? How did you overcome them?

    Jessica (SS): I would say that we faced a number of challenges such as sourcing for fresh ingredients. It was also quite a challenge for us when it came to delivery as we prefer to self-deliver to maintain the quality of the product. I remember making a makeshift PPE suit with a garbage bag with my daughter, double mask and double gloves when I had to head out to the supermarket to get fresh products. It was very worrying because we were mainly handling edible items and we needed to ensure that we are safe for our customers to be safe too.

  • How is a platform like LamboPlace aiding SMEs and businesses like yours to tide through times like these?

    Jessica (SS): I would say that LamboPlace is a great platform that allows single mothers like me or small startups like my company to earn extra incomes doing what we love. They definitely helped us throughout the pandemic.

  • What are some of LamboPlace’s initiatives that have taken place and how has the impact been like?

    Jessica (SS): When we initially joined LamboPlace, we didn’t know anything about digital marketing. All our sales came through our Facebook posts and friends as well as families. We realised that we’ve received more inquiries and orders from new customers with the help of LamboPlace promoting our products on behalf of us.
  • How do you think platforms like LamboPlace can continue to empower and champion SMEs and businesses moving forward?

    Jessica (SS): I would say continue doing what they’re doing and assist small businesses like mine with digital marketing. I believe not many people would understand the gist of digital marketing. Maybe even providing assistance on product photo shoots.

  • What are your future plans for your business and what advice can you give to fellow Malaysian businesses who are about to go digital?

    Jessica (SS)
    : After having the opportunity of joining LamboPlace, we saw the importance of digital marketing and we’re now looking to venture into more product varieties and maybe having our own website in the near future. For other businesses like ours out there, I would say don’t give up and try new things! Take every win and loss as a learning stage to improve yourself and your business.

  • What are some of the key areas Malaysian SMEs should look into to greatly improve and progress?

    Jessica (SS): Delivery. With everything going online now, delivery is essential. To be more specific, a more reasonable and affordable express delivery. It would be a great help to businesses who sell zero preservative food & beverages.

  • How will you support your fellow Malaysian SMEs and businesses to grow together? Has there been a collaboration or are there plans towards any?

    Jessica (SS): To be really honest, the best we can do now is by supporting them by buying their products for now. But we’re definitely open for collaborations should anyone be interested! 🙂


More about Spread & Stew:

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