New Online Shopping Trends that can Help Consumers to Plan their Financials & Save More

Kuala Lumpur, 27 July – Online shopping is the go-to these days for many, ever since the new-norm made its way into our lifestyles. The current situation has forced several on-and-off lockdowns in Malaysia, resulting in high favours in the habits of online shopping. Although groceries and other essentials shopping are allowed physically, a number of people still prefer to get their things online to be on the safer side.

The new era has led more grocery and other essential items to be made available online since its high demands. Online shopping has also proven better assurance in providing more protection against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The rise of online shopping has introduced several new trends like the buy now, pay later (BNPL) schemes being adapted by many eCommerce and online platforms. Based on a few online retailers’ or sellers’ reports, there’s an increase of 15-30% of sales with the feature in place. It is seen that Malaysians prefer to separate their payments to shorter monthly recurring transactions with zero interest charges and without owning a credit card. This also allows them to plan their monthly financial management better within reasonable expenses.

Online shoppers also get to save more with the countless deals, discounts and promotions being offered on online platforms. A local-homegrown online platform, LamboPlace offers delivery charges as low as RM2 only and sometimes, they throw in free shipping deals on top of other ongoing promotions. This way, Malaysians are encouraged to shop from the comfort of their homes without worrying about being exposed to the virus, compared to shopping physically.

Bulk buying is another trend that’s picking up its pace, allowing multiple buyers to buy the same products in large quantities together at a much lower price. The shipping cost is also shared across these buyers that will result in also a much lower shipping fees. This trend is highly favoured among neighbourhoods for grocery items and other daily essentials.

“The very existence of online shopping is for convenience. It took us shorter than expected to get there and to educate Malaysians about online shopping. Ultimately, this has somehow helped us overcome the situation we’re all in now. The reasons I started LamboPlace are to provide genuine and authentic products in an online platform to people out there, so that we can avoid fake-product scams and also to educate people that online shopping can be safe and cost saving too” said Dato’ Jason Yap, LamboPlace’s Founder and Group CEO.

Aside from money-saving online deals and promotions, online shopping can be very calming too, as shoppers get to take their time to select the best options of products for themselves without the pressure of a salesperson. Shoppers also get to save time and money by not going through the hassle of finding a carpark and then paying for it.

Yeo Yee Soon, the VP of Strategy & Implementation of LamboPlace added “We’re always trying to improve and add on more services for the convenience of our customers. Since BNPL is the current trend and we have quite a number of requests for it, we’re planning on increasing the BNPL methods with various partners on our platform and we hope that will help our customers in enriching their lifestyles while keeping their expenditure affordability in check.”

In conjunction with their 2nd Birthday in August and to encourage more Malaysians to stay at home and safe from the quick spreading virus, LamboPlace is giving out special deals for all LamboPlace users to shop at their platform from the comfort of their homes. Browse all deals here.