LamboPlace Urges Companies To Look Into Long-Term Sustainability

LamboPlace is urging business owners to look beyond day-to-day operations and into the long term sustainability of their businesses as the adoption of digitalisation is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessary enabler.

“Your business needs immunity from the Covid-19 too. Like how the Covid-19 vaccinations will help develop herd immunity and bring the pandemic under control, going digital will similarly give your business the immunity to survive any unexpected future disruptive forces. Don’t delay digitalising your businesses any longer,” said Sabrina Wong, VP of Vendor Management of LamboPlace Sdn Bhd.

The transformation to e-Commerce is becoming easier and available now with many e-Commerce platforms and government agencies providing incentives for businesses to sell online.

This move is seen as a necessary step to enhance productivity and competitiveness, especially with the Government’s decision to enforce the new FMCO (full MCO) until June 14 with strict SOPs throughout the country.

Since the first MCO, LamboPlace has on-boarded 580 brands with more than 10,000 products in their platform. Many of them were first-timers in e-Commerce, which gave them the opportunity to expand their brands to new markets. The recent urge of transformation has resulted in a 100% increase of interests to sign up with the platform.

The sellers listed on LamboPlace will receive over RM5,000 worth of marketing support which include digital marketing with online ads, LamboPlace’s trending live show features, and a free shipping credit worth RM500. Additional promotions and attractive discounts for buyers will also be subsidised by LamboPlace.

Local SMEs and authorised resellers are encouraged to enroll themselves in this program to broaden the boundaries of their current market and uncover new markets. Sellers who are currently selling their products on other platforms are also welcome to sign up with LamboPlace, as the program is not only for first-time e-Commerce adopters.

LamboPlace has also recently integrated a ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme that allows customers to divide their payments to a few equal installments, over a short period of time with 0% interest.

With all the offerings in place, LamboPlace is hoping to make the e-Commerce transformation process smooth and easy for all businesses. As there should be no excuses to get vaccinated against viruses and diseases, the same can be said about giving your business some immunity by taking it online.


An article coverage by Business Today – Click here to read the official article.