Lending a Helping Hand through Collaboration for the ‘Bendera Putih’ Raisers

Kuala Lumpur, 12 July – LamboLive Host and Influencer, Xu ZhenRu initiated and organised a ‘Bendera Putih’ or White Flag charity campaign in hopes to help families who are in need. 

The campaign was a collaboration with LamboPlace, a local eCommerce platform, LamboMove, a local last-mile logistics company,
Pandamaran Chi Liung Methodist Centre, Farm to Home Delivery, Cap Siput Laut, Arona Noodles and Sunjih Trading, fresh food and groceries distributors.

The campaign was held in the Klang Valley area with over 140 sets of food packs consisting of fresh food, vegetables, noodles, eggs and other food items donated to hundreds of families. The ‘Bendera Putih’ or White Flag initiative was created by our very own Malaysian community to help identify those who are in need and Malaysians are seeing this as a symbol of hope and a way to help others in any way that they can.

According to NST media, more than 300,000 have lost their jobs in the retail sector, with 30% of shops closed for good. The expectation is that 50% more will also close if the lockdown is extended. On the other hand, a recent police report cited 468 suicides between January and May 2021, when the country moved into MCO 3.0; that’s about an average of 3 suicides a day and that most of them were youths.

The very existence of the ‘Bendera Putih’ or White Flag movement started by fellow Malaysians is to help those in desperate need of food and assistance in light of the worsening Covid-19 situation that’s leading to health and economic crisis. This movement encourages people with financial struggles to reach out for help without fear or shame by displaying a white flag in front of their homes as a sign of needing assistance.

LamboPlace believes that helping or doing charity is our own social responsibility and can be done better with teamwork. Working with partners with the right resources will help smoothen the planning and distribution processes. If you feel encouraged to lend a helping hand, do reach out to LamboPlace to collaborate. Last but not least, we are indeed always better together, let’s help one another, as one.

For collaborations or enquiries, you can reach LamboPlace here