[Loses over RM100k] A True Story about an online scammer and 30 victims

Billy is a typical tech geek, always seeking new gadgets to try, such as the latest Google Pixel 6 Pro Smartphone, a rare piece of tech to purchase as it is limited to certain countries. However, in Malaysia, retailers and sellers sell it at an astronomical price for this rare ‘pokephone’. So, to fulfil his curiosity, it took him weeks of researching, verifying and browsing through the reviews of different sellers from different platforms. 

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Through the combing process, he found a possible legit reseller with legitimate business reviews and references on his social media and e-commerce platforms., After much consideration and survey, he decided to take the risk and go with the seller. The seller showed photo proofs of previous deals made to gain his trust and successfully convinced him to make the payment beforehand to secure the goods and pay the seller’s supplier.

Billy patiently waited for the delivery, however it began to be suspicious once the delivery missed its expected delivery date. The seller gave reasons after reasons, and Billy started to feel worried and sought a full refund. Unfortunately, after one month of constant pursuit, Billy only received a partial amount of the seller’s owed. Leaving him no other choice, he shared this encounter with this trusted seller on social media. What surprised him was there were around 30 victims who experienced the same issues with the same seller and some even paid him a larger amount. 

Most of the victims reported to the police or even made efforts to track down the seller. However, the case is still an ongoing investigation..

Moral of the story: Even though there are many verified sellers online, some even with proofs and evidence to gain our trust or confidence, it is never really safe to buy from a seller directly. Always transact within the trusted platform with guarantees and protection.

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